About Hamtronix

Who we are

We started in 1986 under the name Micro Shack, by producing repeater controller and auto-patches. With increasing demand, the company name changed to Hamtronix Industria e Comercio Ltda Device for Telecomumunicações - ME, or simply Hamtronix. Since then we design and manufacture embedded system products not just for Brazil, but for more than 40 countries.

We work in the areas of vehicle security, radio communications and automation. Today Hamtronix is a nationally recognized name for manufacturing various products, including several modules for car block systems, GPS trackers and the popular Elektra 2000 Repeater Controller which is also one of our main exported products.

Our mission is to produce high quality, reliable, for a competitive price, and that fully satisfy our customers.


Sper Squelch SSM200