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Increase the range and capability of your mobile and portable radios with our repeater controller.

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Repeater stations installed on high altitudes allow clear communication at great distances, what is not always possible with portable or mobiles radio transceivers in simplex operation. All you need is two radio equipments and the Elektra 2000VZ controller for building an efficient and full feature repeater station which before could only be achieved with high cost controllers. The Elektra 2000VZ is already a sucess in more than 40 countries. There are hundreds of them operating 24 hours a day allowing reliable communication for public and private services as well as radio amateurs.


Top rated in eHam reviews: SEE ELEKTRA 2000 REVIEW

Easy Installation

With an extremely easy installation allowing even a non experienced person to do it. It's only necessary six connections: Audio and COR (Carried Operated Relay) from receiver, audio and PTT (Push To Talk) from transmitter and a 12V power source.


Now with the release of our SUPER SQUELCH MODULE SSM200 it is easier than ever to install a repeater. You don´t have to look for C.O.R. signal inside de receiver anymore. Plus your repeater will be more sensitive to weak mobile and portable signals.

protective cover

Now every controller comes with a protective cover made with 3D printing technology developed exclusively for Elektra 2000. It also comes with mounting bracket for fixing to cabinets.

Protective cover

optional case

For those who do not use the controller housed in larger enclosures, we now offer an optional case exclusively developed for Elektra 2000. Made in two-color 3D printing technology, it ensures better protection against undesirable tweakings in audio adjusts, dust and moisture.

Optional case

43 functions controlled at distance with DTMF keypad

With the exception of audio levels adjustments, all other functions are controlled by any DTMF keypad. With no exceptions, other repeater controllers require complex and hard to memorizes commands. There are even some controllers that require dedicated devices for programming. To facilitate the operation we created an extremely easy to assimilate commands that you send through your own radio transceiver.

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6 operation modes

Repeater: Each signal that reaches the receiver is transmitted by the repeater transmitter.

Repeater with link: You only need an extra transceiver to link remote stations.

Repeater with command port: Adding an extra receiver in a different frequency will allow you to control the functions of your repeater without no one being aware of it.

Repeater with auxiliary port: Adding an extra receiver will allow you to use the reapeater with priority over the regular users.

Cross Repeater: Adding an extra transceiver will allow you to operate in cross mode, where signals comming through the main receiver will be transmitted by the extra transceiver and vice-versa.

Simplex Repeater: The advantage of this mode is the reducing cost of installation. With only one single transceiver you have a complete repeater station. All signals arriving at the transceiver will be recorded up to 20s and reproduced back. This mode is a very good option to enhance the covered area of FRS walkie-talkies. This aplications may not be legal in certain countries.


Hundreds of courtesy tones and exclusive Roller Beep®

It doesn't matter how crowded your area is with repeater stations, you can allways have an unique courtesy tone that can be easily recognized. Besides fourteen pre-programmed courtesy tones, a tone editor allow you to create of an unlimited number of new and exclusive tones. New with software version V2.9c the exclusive NASA Quantar beep from Apollo 11 lunar module (Eagle). Furthermore, we created an exclusive Roller Beep® which automatically changes the courtesy tones after a user programmable number of transmitions.

Click on icons to listen to some available courtesy tones:

Morse and Voice ID

The Elektra 2000VZ has a digital recorder for up to 20s of audio. The recording can be made over the air through the radio without  being phisically at the repeater site. This way you can change the voice recording at anytime. Besides being used as a repeater ID, you can use the Elektra 2000VZ recording capacity to communicate meetings, wheater condition announcements and other informations you want. An audio recording input jack is also available for pre-recorded messages.

Three ID modes are available

CW Mode: The repeater identification is done by a Morse message up to 40 characters where tone and speed are adjustable.

Mix Mode: If the repeater is being used at the time of the identification, a Morse message replaces the voice ID. If the repeater is not being used, the voice message takes place. If during the voice ID someone starts using the repeater, the voice is replaced by the morse. The voice ID has an option where you can set priority over the Morse code, in order to not interrupt the voice.Smart Mode:

The 20s voice recoder time is divided by two 10s messages. If the timer of ID expires and the repeater is not being used, the message one will be not played until one user activates and releases the repeater. This message one will be a welcome message. On the other hand, if the repeater is being used and the timer of the ID experires, message two will wait to be played until the repeater is released.

All the ID modes can be configured with intervals of 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 45 minutes.

Six Output Switches and two Alarm Inputs


Six digital outputs switches are available for control equipments at your repeater site. These outputs can be used to activate relays to control appliances or any other devices. You can turn the outputs on, off or pulse. There are also two alarm inputs. They can be used to monitor power failure or any other event. When an alarm input is triggered an extra tone will be added to the courtesy tone warning the users. The second input can be connected to a reed-switch sensor at door of the repeater site to alarm users in case of unauthorized opening of the door. In this particular case, a siren will be heard over the radio to indicate the alarm. The repeater still can be used when the siren is activated because voice has priority.

Technical Specifications

Full feature repeater controller in one single board
43 functions, each with a great variety of options
4 digit password or password free mode for commands
Non volatil memory retains configurations even with power failures
All configurations can be performed using a DTMF tone keypad
No special device is needed for configuration
Commands execution with audio confirmation
A 20s digital recorder allows voice recording in several ID modes
Voice recoding over the air or via an onboard input jack
Smart ID decides when voice and Morse should be transmitted
Capacitor sockets are available for equalize repeater or link audio
Multi function button for recording, ID or TX cutt-off
Adjustable Morse ID tone, speed and timer
Multi function input for link, control and auxiliary receiver
DTMF mute keeps control tones from being retransmitted
14 pre programmed courtesy tones plus hundreds with tone editor
Exclusive NASA Quindar Tone from Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle
Exclusive Roller Beep changes courtesy tones automatically
Adjustable hang time
Adjustable position and length of courtesy tones
Timer-out expiration alert melody
Independent CTCSS input for repeater and multi function port
Plain audio response
Independent TX and RX audio amplifiers with level adjustment
Level adjustment for voice playback and courtesy tones
6 repeater operation modes
2 alarm inputs with audio alerts through the repeater
6 output switches for control equipments remotely
Accepts positive or negative COR on both ports
All timer events adjustable remotely
Smart Fan control output
Tone generator for repeater testing
High quality fiberglass PCB aptimized for low audio noise
All ICs use high quality sockets for easy maintenance
New features can be added with new firmware version
Detailed documentation with schematics
Power requirements: 8V ~ 15V DC at 20mA in standby (max. 50mA)
Dimension: 117mm x 111mm x 25mm
Two years limited warranty


To learn more about this product, download its manual

Installation and Operation Manual - Elektra 2000 (pdf 447KB)

FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions for Elektra 2000

  • Weight 135g
  • Height 18mm
  • Depth 105mm
  • Width 115mm


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