CRD300C - DTMF Remote Control

Control any electrical device from distance with just a phone call. Ideal for reseting servers and Acess Points.

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DTMF Remote Control Board – CRD300 is an unprecedented product, designed exclusively for control of equipments at a distance. With a simple phone call, you can turn off, turn on, pulse or query the status of any of its six outputs.



It is ideal to restart servers, access points or turn on or off any other equipments and this without having to go to the installation site. ISPs tend to have equipment installed in remote locations or in difficult to access places, such as on top of hills or high buildings. And depending on the weather, is not always possible to reach these places. Whether a server crashes or is unresponsive, send a technician to the site to restart is always inconvenient. With CRD300 this is no longer necessary, and you saved time and money.



It can also be used at home, office, industry, farm or wherever you want. You can turn on and off alarms, lights, open gates, there are many possible uses. Another application where it stands out is controlling equipments in condominiums. It is very common excessive spending on electricity bills because of recreational areas lit unnecessarily after use. With CRD300 the doorman can disable saunas, lights, heating swimming pools and any other equipment without leaving his post by simply making a internal phone call.



The CRD300 has 3 build in outputs relays with terminals for general use, where you can control electrical outlets, or any other signal through the relay contacts. And 3 extra external relays can be added allowing a total of independent 6 outputs. You can even add more boards working in parallel multiplying by 6 the number of outputs.



We will use as an example a lamp connected through the relay output 2. It is lit. To switch it off from distance just do the following: 


1) Call the phone number connected to the CRD300 and wait for the answer;


2) When listening to the beeps, dial the password to get access and you will hear 3 confirmation beeps, dial the output relay you want and the desired command: 123 20


Where: 123 is the password (user programmable), 2 is the output relay 2, and 0 is the turn off command. That´s it! The lamp will be switched off. If you want to switch on, just send 21. There is commands for query status, short pulses or even a minute pulse. Several command options are available.



The CRD300C works with any source of DTMF signals therefore can be used with cell phone and amateur and commercial radios. 


The CRD300C is a very flexible product. You can use any cell phone to get the calls. In this case, is just a matter of get the audio signals from the headset output jack.


In case of rural areas without cell phone coverage, you can use radio transceivers (amateur and commercial) to send commands. We have customers who control their equipments via radio for distances exceeding 100 km (62 miles). Does not matter where you are, there will always a way to control your equipments with CRD300C.


All three versions can be controlled by any audio source containing DTMF signaling such as cellular phone and radio transceivers. In addition version B adds landline access capability. Version A adds RS232 serial port capability allowing control via computer or even via network. In resume:


Version A works with cellular phone + radio + landline + RS232.
Version B works with cellular phone + radio + landline.
Version C works with cellular phone + radio.



Six independent outputs
Three build in relays plus three external open colector outputs
Turno on, off, pulse, or check status
Pre programmed pulses of 2s, 10s, 20s, 30s and 60s
Support loads of up to 250V AC/DC 7A
You can use even high current loads with external contactors
Timed user programmable password
Works with cell phone and radio
LED indicator for Power, DTMF, commands and relay outputs
Audio confirmation for all commands
Last state memory for power failure
Easy to remember commands
Comes with detailed installation and operation manual
Low power consumption (Max. 120mA when all relays on)
Power requirements: 11V ~14V DC
One year warranty


To learn more about this product, download the manual


Instalation and Operation Manual (PDF 580KB)


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  • Width 185mm
  • Height 20mm
  • Depth 74mm
  • Weight 150g


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